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Why Your Health Saudi Magazine?
"Your Health Saudi Magazine" is a trusted and credible source for healthcare information Everyone is interested in healthcare; their healthcare, or healthcare for family members and friends. Everyone has at least one reason to be seeking professional healthcare services, right now. But, finding the professionals and services needed, or even knowing what to look for, many times is a difficult and frustrating task. We make a difference by helping people find the healthcare they need.  

How much does it cost?  
Thanks to our sponsors, Your Health Saudi Magazine is free of charge.  

Is your Magazine Licensed in Saudi Arabia for Distribution?

Yes, with the support of his excellence Dr. Abdul Aziz Muhiyuddin Khoja (The Minister of Culture and Information) we where able to get license for distribution all over Saudi Arabia on a monthly bases.

If I am an advertising company do I care about the License?

Yes, because you and the Magazine are both subject to legal matters. Therefore, several Magazine in Saudi Arabia had been shutdown due to violation of Kingdom laws.

Who are your sponsors?
Our main sponsors are from different sectors in healthcare. This includes private hospitals, private clinics, and pharmaceutical companies.

Where is "Your Health Saudi Magazine" distributed ?  
Please Click Here!

Do you have an electronic version of the magazine?
Yes, please Click Here !

Do You have an App for the magazine?

Yes, and the name of our App is (Your Health | دليلك الصحي). Using the app you  are able to search doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, health clubs and health insurance in Saudi. Furthermore you are able to rate, locate and contact all healthcare services through our app. Doctors and healthcare provider can add their self through our app. (App link)