Doctorate in Osteopathy and Physical Therapist. More than 20 years experience in Manual Therapy. Certified Cranio-sacral and Visceral Manipulation

The  Center provides outpatient physical therapy  for orthopedic and sports medicine related injuries focusing on maximizing the movement in people through physical means including: exercise, hands-on techniques,  various forms of energy (sound, electrical, light, thermal), and patient education. 

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Weight Management Program

The Weight Management Program is dedicated to the management of excessive weight. By applying the most current methods, the program helps patients manage their weight and reduce the medical risks linked with being obese.

Dr Saddah Eshki, Consultant in  
Medical Nutrition Therapy 

Medical nutrition can benefit people with various medical conditions such as cancers, Diabetes mellitus, Eating disorders, food allergies, Gastrointestinal disorders, immune system disorders;  such as inherited disorders affecting metabolism, involuntary weight loss, Kidney disease, surgery recovery, Pregnancy, Osteoporosis and so on. 

• It is often very effective in treating type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

• It can help one to live better at any age

• A pediatric medical nutrition therapy plan depends on your child's needs. It can range from a few dietary tweaks to total parenteral nutrition (intravenous feeding). The goal of an MNT program is to put your child on the track to better health so other treatments or therapies can work better.

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